Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Forecast is calling for SUNNY skies

It's been awhile since I've written, but I must state that I only blog when I feel inspired to, I know alot of people force things, not me, if I am inspired...then I write....I AM INSPIRED!!!

What has inspired me you ask? Well, the team of the FX network and three incredible guys that decided to shoot a pilot on the whopping budget of $100, and thus ending up with the funniest, most well written show on television.
Don't think that I am saying that it's in the same league as the office, because it's not, it deserves to be in a league above all others. For people that worry that it's just another show about people being stupid, thus making the audience laugh, it's not just that. "It's Always sunny in Philadelphia" discusses very important issues: Cancer, Cannibalism, America's Gas Crisis, Pedophilia, Child abandonment, Foreign affair of North Korea, Politics, and teaching people to follow their dreams, just to name a few.

I must throw out a warning to all the people I am trying to persuade to watch the show. It's not politically correct, and if you are easily offended, then NOT, I repeat, NOT the show for you. You kind of have to have a sick sense of humor and pretty sick mind. I love this show, so I must be a sick and twisted person, but that's okay with me.

The characters are outstanding, and self-destruct like no others on television. They are ego maniacs and think of themselves before anyone, or anything else. And you never know when "green man" will make a debut. The writing for this show is superb and unmatched.

WARNING: May need will make you nearly piss your pants.

Hopefully you will tune in and be come a worshiper of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" as well. FX, Thursdays at 10 PM. Don't miss and I promise it won't disappoint!!!

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