Monday, August 11, 2008

My current obsessions

#1- Michael Phelps and his quest for gold

I will start with this because the Olympics are going on right now. I have become obsessed with his quest for 8 gold medals in one olympics and 3 down as of today...hopefully tonight he will have a 4th (updated 8/12) GO MICHAEL PHELPS AND GO USA!!!

#2- Peep Toe Pumps (They are going to be the rave this fall)

I have recently bought two new pair of shoes and I am waiting their arrival via UPS

First pair- the "Dallas" Ostrich pump from Banana Republic

Second Pair- My blue Suede Peep toe mary janes

#3- Montreal

I am in love with this city. After visiting for work...I am slightly obsessed and wouldn't mind living there. They have their shit together up there with recycling bins everywhere. It's a great mix of old and new, and a very clean city.


Thanks to my muffins Crystal and Jacob...I have found a new sweat buckets and feel amazing after an hour and a half of sweating and movement!!!

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CAC muffin said...

LOVE the Blog
LOVE yoga one!