Thursday, July 21, 2011

Birthday times TWO

While on my honeymoon, I happened to look at my passport and notice that my birthday is wrong (a day off). Eh, just assumed that someone made a mistake when typing it in at the passport office. I mean (I did get a ticket for 690 mph-see photo below for proof) typos seem to follow me.
So chalking it up to a typo, I wasn't prepared to "kind of" shout out, OH MY GOSH, in the Social Security office today. While I didn't need my birth certificate, I brought it with me. I honestly brought any document I could possibly need short of my bank statements. So while the Social Security office worker was typing away and myself just patiently waiting, I starting looking at my birth certificate. You know the fun facts, like who old my parents were when they had me (Mama-24, Daddy-28...WOW), then I just glanced over my "date" of birth. It said February 2!!! Holy crappola....I wasn't a ground hog baby!! The guy started giggling at my melt down over feeling lied to for 29 years! Was I really born on the 2nd and not the 1st? Was it only an honest human error? Will we ever know?!?

The guy assured me this wouldn't hinder my name changing process, because honestly I was pretty worried it would and I would have to come back and wait through old lady hissy fits (thought she would throw something at someone before she left). Good, I don't have to come back to the Social Security office B.F.E.

I called my mother concerned, and she told me that when they went to get my SS number after I was born, my aunt who went with her noticed that my birth date was wrong. Okay, good, there is at least a story about them knowing this is wrong. It was supposedly fixed (way back then). Apparently it never was. The copy I have I got in April of 2000 so I could go on my Senior cruise (didn't need a passport to go to Mexico then). So it shows me that it was never changed. On file with the SS office is the birthday I have been celebrating for the past 29 years.

So as of now, I am going with the fact that I can now legally celebrate my birthday on two days. More cake for me!!
P.S. My sister's smart ass comment was- Do you turn 30 twice now? (The next birthday will be the big 3-0!)

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