Thursday, March 5, 2009

Facebook Etiquette

If some people don't know, facebook has been around for awhile. I think it started in 2004. I found out about it shortly after college graduation. My roommate, Amanda, told me about it. At the time it was ONLY for college students, you had to have a accredited college email address. About a year and half later, sometime in 2006, they opened it up for the public. At that time, facebook was still very simple and just your basics, not the crazy crap all over people's pages these days. There wasn't Mob war requests, people weren't sending their friends drinks, flair, or other stupid shit.

I have noticed people get carried away: with their status, with the pictures they post, with sending people all kinds of application requests. I think people have lost their sense of control and need to be told what complete idiots they are making of themselves. So I am writing Kelly's Facebook Etiquette for those that lack common sense. I will start from the beginning and get you to where people lose their minds.

1.You've joined facebook

Congrats, you have now joined a social media site that will connect you with every person you have ever met in your life, and those that you may otherwise wish you would never hear from or see again. Now you must enter your information, so be careful about you write...there are some crazy people out there. There isn't any need to put your full address...I mean you might as well invite the crazies over for coffee if that's the case.

2.Facebook Status

So you just found out about updating your status. Let's chat a minute about this. So you see this little feature and automatically think people will care about what you are doing each day. Please rethink that thought, because no one gives a DAMN that you are heading to the gym, going out to dinner, watching TV, missing your hubby (the word hubby is a whole other topic I will address), cooking dinner, going to work, shopping, etc. etc. Might as well throw in your bowel movements because you haven't left much else out of what you are doing. I hate to break it to you, you are not that important. So why don't you try this, be a little more "general" and a little less "specific" when it comes to your status. Here is a good status..."NAME HERE is glad that the weekend is upon us" Here is a BAD status..."NAME HERE is tired from working all week, and is about to shower, then dinner, then drinks, then doing yard work and house chores on Saturday, and I can't wait to snuggle with my hubby." That is a VERY BAD Status, and I see them all to frequently on facebook.

3. About me section
Please don't feel the need to include every hobby that you've had in the past 20 years. Ever heard of the KISS saying "Keep It Simple Stupid"!! There you go, we don't need to hear about college, how you met your husband, your plans for 10 kids, and on and on, see I am boring myself with right all that just like people get bored with reading peoples long about me sections. 

Some people need a good talking to!! If you are a professional, then you should think long and hard about what pictures people see of you. No one needs to see you looking hosed, double fisting, with your midrift showing, and kissing one of your friends. It's fabulous that you had a great weekend, but some things should be kept to your self. Don't publicize that you are freak out side of the office. No one needs to know that you took some stranger home last night. 

5. Wall to Wall
If you are married/dating/etc. you should not be carrying on a conversation with this person over facebook on your "wall". No one needs to know this person's pet name, what they made you for dinner last night, or that you love them. It should be a given that you love this person, you don't need to tell them daily on their wall of facebook. I believe that some people do this so that people will know they have someone in their lives. So if you miss your significant other...send them a text, an email, or call them...don't post it for everyone to see. I for sure as hell don't like seeing that in my news feed. 

6. Relationship Status
If you are in a relationship that is off again on again, please refrain from using this feature. It really is embarrassing (for you) that you feel the need to publicly let everyone know that this week you are single, and then next week are in a relationship again. If you are doing it so the other person will see that and be jealous that other people may want to date you since your facebook relationship status is single, then guess again, no one cares, all that it does is get people to talk behind your back and how ridiculous you are. 

7. # of Status changes in a day
Please, if you feel the need to update your status....limit yourself to once a day. If your boss sees that, they will think you obviously have nothing to do and fire your sorry rear! There are people out there that don't have jobs right now that don't play on facebook 8 hrs a day, so you can be replaced. 

As of now...that's all I got....if someone annoys me in any way other than listed above, don't worry I will add it! 


CAC muffin said...

Oh my god i'm still laughing
thanks for that! ps i'm sending you and easter egg request right now

Miss_Nobody said...

Lol lovely,I was meaning to do a post like this.People really should check what they post on their sn pages.Sometimes the stuff they post is ridiculous,not to mention embarassing,for the other person!