Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Why I act like I am 5 when I see snow

I grew up in the South, and I don't mean South Carolina/North Carolina South...I'm talking SOUTH! For all that may not know, I grew up in Georgia, and again, not North Georgia, where there are mountains and snow...but South Georgia, as in 75 miles from Florida. The most winter we got, was when we knew that the temperature would drop below 32 degrees, my parents would put out sprinklers and run them all night, and then we would have icicles hanging from the trees and frozen ground: a South Georgia, homemade winter wonderland. As you can see from the picture below, the ice stopped as far as the sprinkler would reach, notice untouched pine trees in the back. Well this is the only winter I grew up knowing.

So now, being a big girl and living 6 hours north of where I grew up, I get the occasional snow, maybe and inch or two at the most, but you would think from my reaction, I was getting a Nor'easter Blizzard! This Sunday night, I got my first real snow storm...I snowed for about 4 hours straight. I just walked outside and came back in COVERED in snow. I was jumping around like an ADD kid hyped up on a 10 lb box of chocolate and 30 gallons of coca cola. It really was the first time I had experienced lots of real snow. I am 27, how does that happen? I have never really been skiing. I mean I did try it once when I visited family out in Oregon, but that was Cross Country skiing, and to be honest I spent more time on my ass than my skis. To be able to walk out of my house and throw a snow ball was more than I could ask for.

Most everyone starts complaining about the cold, but I love it, okay, except for the fact that my windshield cracked the entire length of it! I think my car was made in the south! Some people have favorite seasons, I don't really have a favorite, I really do love something about every one of them. I wish everyone would find something to enjoy about each and everyone of them, and then no one would ever complain about the weather. Maybe people would have to find other conversation starters that "How's the weather?" I think people ask this question, because it's easy to start complaining to someone about how the weather is, most people don't start with, "Oh my goodness, the snow is wonderful, and I love the 20 degree weather." They start with complaints. So please everyone, find something positive about every season, and be thankful that you are around to experience it!

I want to finish with a final thought: Don't eat yellow snow!

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Miss_Nobody said...

I'm nineteen,I haven't seen snow yet,so I understand lol.Ihave lived all my life in a tropical country,where snow is out of the question,even winter temperatures don't tip that low