Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hey ABC...The Bachelor has to go!

Seriously, it's enough!! It's always the same old story, "stay tuned for the most dramatic rose ceremony ever."

I am not going to lie, I watch the show. I think it's stupid, but I watch it anyway. I don't know why, and I really can't turn it off. After watching it last night, I do believe that ABC has run the life course of the show and needs to call it a day.
It's all just acting. If you watched when J asked Melissa to marry him, she said hold on, and turns around and does this stupid scream and dance thing. Seriously act like an adult! I mean how can you be so in love and want to marry someone that you've dated (okay, dated along with several other girls) for only a month or little more.

Seriously Jason...get an f'ing grip, there is no need to hurl yourself into the balcony in tears, and seriously stop milking your kid for all he's worth. Why don't you focus on your kid if you love him so much, and stop running off for several weeks, to find him a "stepmom". And Seriously Jason's mom, talking about Molly and Melissa, "Molly is a career oriented person, you want some that is family oriented, Jason." Okay Ms. Jason's Mom, since when did you become the keeper of who is oriented to do what. So someone that has a career can't love their family...welcome to 2009 woman, someone's got to work, since Jason just wants to be on TV!!

This is crazy stupid, and people....STOP SENDING IN APPLICATIONS TO BE THE NEXT BACHELOR OR BACHELORETTE! It won't work for you, don't think that you will be the exception and think you will find true love on TV, all you will really do is find yourself making an ass out of yourself on National televsion.

My thoughts on the people on the bachelor...you don't care who it is, you just want to get married...When did getting married become the be all end all? GET A LIFE. Okay, so do I apparently, because I feel the need to watch this crap, when will the quality TV shows like Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill start airing new episodes...they need to hurry back!

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