Friday, February 17, 2012

Blazin' the Oregon Trail

I got the save the date for a cousin's wedding this summer. This wedding takes place in Oregon.

Usually, a trip that far away we'd just send a gift, but we are jumping at the opportunity to go out West!

The plan is fly into Portland, work our way down to the Jacksonville area via rental car, and fly back to Charlotte from Medford. Here are a few places planned for the stop...we'll hit all the breweries and wineries in between.

Of course we'll be spending some time in Jacksonville which is near our cousins home. The wedding will be at their home in Applegate...which might be one of the prettiest places I have ever visited in my life. I can't wait to take my husband out there.

The is a trip I feel like my Dad is pushing me to go on. Ever get those weird feelings that you know is coming from up above? This is one of them.

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