Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nov. 4th Results

The results are final....what was decided on November 4th is final....on all fronts!

Obama won the presidential race, but people that voted for McCain are not out petitioning to change that. As all the people that voted for Obama, they said "America" has spoken!!!

Where I am taking this is Proposition 8. Everyone is in an uproar that this is wrong, and want to petition to get that changed. Well I hate to say this, but "California" has spoken. Leave it alone. It was up for a vote, and it didn't pass, leave it alone. I am not saying I hate the gays, that's not true, I am not saying they don't deserve the same rights, what I am saying is that it was up for a vote, and it didn't go the way they wanted it to, and now it's time for a petition, that's ludicrous.

How would people feel if all the McCain supporters started a petition to get him the White House? I am thinking they would think it was crazy.

If the votes counted make Obama president, then the voted counted make Proposition 8 at Yes, guess what, wait another 4 years and then try again....that's what people that didn't vote for Obama are having to do. It's called Democracy! I am just tired of hearing that people have been wronged.

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