Friday, February 27, 2009

Stick Figure Families

As I was driving to work this morning I got behind a Volvo station wagon, that came equiped with a stick figure family. Not to mention a stick figure family that has been to Disney World (see below- they have Mickey ears)

Why do people feel the need to let everyone on the road how many kids they have? It really isn't necessary. It's about like your facebook status...NO ONE CARES. No one cares how many children you pop out, or how many dogs you have. Call me sinister, I don't care...I am a realist, and guess what I am sure I am not the only person out there that finds this trend annoying and stupid.

Should single people ride around with just their stick figures, and hope to pass a car with another single stick figure, then when they pass each other will realize they are meant for each other (obviously because they are both losers), and combine stick figures on cars, then produce kid stick figures!! No one needs to know how fertile you are, by the number of stick figures on your car.

I raise one question: What kind of car has the biggest back window, so that Octo-mom can put stick figures of fourteen kids, one woman, and I guess her parents too (since they take care of all of them)?

Don't get me wrong...I want kids one day, but you can bet your ass I ain't putting stick figures on my back window! I don't want to alert pedofiles to "follow that car" because it obviously transports children.

Here is my theory of the people that put stick figure families on their cars: It's most likely one of those people that have always been desperate to get married and start a family, and once they have achieved that goal (which most likely is the only goal they've ever had in life), they feel the need to let others know.

I think crack whores should put them on, but instead of their names underneath, who the father of each kid is and how much they are getting from the government for each kid.
The picture below I find hilarious....Everyone has smiles on their face but Mom (to me she looks medicated...Prozac, maybe)...see obviously it was the guys decision to have children!!!
Well if you were thinking of putting a stick figure family on your back window...I hope I have changed your mind so you don't become apart of the people in this world that are simply...RIDICULOUS!